Which type and brand of muffin pan do I recommend?

A quality muffin pan can bake a dozen muffins 52 weeks a year for a lifetime and show no damage. So don't just think cheapest or over a lifetime you may need to buy 20! I have certainly thrown out a few over the years, that couldn't handle the pace. Which type of muffin pan do I recommend?

I like a pan where I can use or not use paper cases depending on what I'm baking for. I like easy perfect results with no recipe adjustments. I hate getting muffin mix on my oven gloves. I like solid muffin pans that don't flex and spill like silicone trays can, and that won't dent or warp. I love non stick pans because I digging to get cakes out and I hate cleaning!

So for baking muffins I recommend a light colored, non stick coating on a heavy gauge aluminum and steel muffin pan with large handles.

TIP: If you use a dark metal muffin pan, you may need to adjust your baking time, because dark pans conduct the heat more than light pans. Reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees F if using a dark pan. For insulated bakeware, your baking time may be need to be increased by 25 degrees F.

Which brand of muffin pan for baking do I recommend?
Chicago Metallic and Calaphon brand muffin pans

WHY do I recommend them?
These pans are made from commercial grade heavy gauge aluminum and steel. They have reinforced steel edges to prevent warping, a wide lip to make transfer to and from the oven easily and a two color coating.

The heavy gauge material means they don't dent or warp. Their two color layered non stick coating is durable and makes perfect muffins, making me look like a professional cook (even though I am not, although I bake a lot). The non stick coating is intact, even after many years of usage, and the minimal residue after baking is easy to clean off with a rub of a damp cloth. These muffin pans continue to release baked muffins from the pan easily.

Quality pans may cost a little bit more but I usually cook muffins as snacks every week. For occasional use any non stick coated aluminum or steel pan will be fine.  I still recommend buying a quality pan and believe it is worth the small extra investment, even for occasional cooking. A quality muffin pan will last a lifetime and be far less likely to  be damaged after extended storage.

Which muffin pan do I recommend for shaped muffin pans?
Wilton and Nordic Ware brand muffin pans.

For shaped cake pans, I prefer the Nordic Ware bundt pans for baking. But I am just as likely to use and recommend the Portuguese tin plated molds if the shape is right!  I have a lot of grandchildren and making themed birthday party cakes for them all is a joy, and a way to help their busy mothers.

I also have  and recommend the shaped cake pans from the Wilton range. I own several of their silicone small cake mold trays, as I use these to make special deserts such as individual jellies and mousses in the fridge.

TIP: A  small bristle paintbrush is good for cleaning up shaped molds.