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Williams Sonoma Muffin Cookbook

I rave about this Williams Sonoma Muffin Cookbook to everyone. It includes both sweet and savoury muffin recipes, with quick breads and cakes as well. I have tried out about 14 recipes so far and they have all turne out like the picture and been mega delicious. Too delicious sometimes because now my family want me to bake their favourites at least once a week.

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I love the gorgeous example photo with each recipe, it's inspiring! The muffin recipes don't call for any exotic ingredients, just basic things that are always on hand and the instructions are clear. The muffins freeze really well ( I've tried orange poppyseed, choc chip, banana and walnut, cinnamon buttermilk, vanilla pear and blueberry) so I can double the muffin mix and individually freeze muffins for quick breakfasts. 35 seconds in the microwave and they taste so fresh it's almost like just baked!

All the Williams Sonoma series of cookbooks have detailed tips and instructions at the back. In the Williams Sonoma Muffins cooking book, this includes adjusting cooking times to make jumbo or mini muffins instead of standard size. There are short tips on the key ingredients (such as the difference between sweet and sour cherries and tips on buying them fresh, frozen or canned).

If you only need one muffin cookbook get the Williams Sonoma Muffin Cookbook. Once you've made a few batches of muffins using these recipes you'll be confident about making any ingredient substitutions according to your own tastes or dietary needs.

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Blueberry muffins crowned with a cinnamon and sugar topping, savory cornmeal muffins spiced with jalape ño, tender lemon and poppy seed muffins served with lemon curd -- these are recipes that any home cook would be proud to make and bring fresh from the oven to the table.Williams-Sonoma Collection Muffins includes 40 kitchen-tested recipes for these and other muffins as well as coffee cakes and quick breads. Not only can the recipes be prepared in just an hour or two -- they are also wonderfully versatile. Banana-walnut muffins and slices of pumpkin bread are delightful ways to bake with fresh[Read More]
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10 Muffin Cookbooks

My favourite muffin cookbook is the The Williams Sonoma Muffin Cookbook and  whole heartedly recommend it and have reviewed it in a separate post here.  But there are so many great muffin cookbooks and people eat muffins for different reasons and at different times. For example I'm not fond of cereal in the morning for breakfast so I make muffins. I always have some oat cookies and muffins there for busy people in the morning to grab on their way out of the door! These muffins are healthy, low sugar, high fibre, filling and nutricious muffins.

But I also make sweet iced, shaped, chocolate filled, white flour delicate muffins and cakes for parties and feast days and sometimes on the weekend or on rainy days just for fun and to cheer everyone up. So I need lots of different recipes for different reasons - some for treats and some for everyday. So here are a range of 10 muffin cookbooks I think are worth a look....