10 Muffin Cookbooks

My favourite muffin cookbook is the The Williams Sonoma Muffin Cookbook and  whole heartedly recommend it and have reviewed it in a separate post here.  But there are so many great muffin cookbooks and people eat muffins for different reasons and at different times. For example I'm not fond of cereal in the morning for breakfast so I make muffins. I always have some oat cookies and muffins there for busy people in the morning to grab on their way out of the door! These muffins are healthy, low sugar, high fibre, filling and nutricious muffins.

But I also make sweet iced, shaped, chocolate filled, white flour delicate muffins and cakes for parties and feast days and sometimes on the weekend or on rainy days just for fun and to cheer everyone up. So I need lots of different recipes for different reasons - some for treats and some for everyday. So here are a range of 10 muffin cookbooks I think are worth a look....

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