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Are the reviews on this site genuine?

This site displays product advertising from Amazon and Ebay, and may show other affiliate links. If a customer makes a purchase through one of these links the owner of the site may be compensated for advertising it.

The customer reviews are genuine reviews, re-published from those freely entered by customers shopping on the Amazon site.

The product descriptions are written by the manufacturer and claims of products making perfect muffins should be taken with a grain of salt, as only a good cook can do that.  The site owner may have edited or added to these, especially where little or no description is available to draw from.

These descriptions, the tips and the articles on this site are written by the site owner and reflect her own genuine personal choices, her (maybe incomplete or erroneous) knowledge, beliefs and opinions with, I hope, a sense of humour and a dash of flair.

What navigation tools are available on this site?

To help you to find products by using the site navigation links...

  • There is a search box at the top right side of the header image - this searches category names and tags. Just enter a keyword or two.
  • The left (top) menu has links to 10 products from recent posts
  • The left (bottom) menu has a category menu for muffin pan brands and accessories such as muffin cases, shaped cake pans & muffin mix
  • There is a sitemap link on the orange menu bar under the header
  • Each product has tag links underneath it - click these for similar products such as shaped cake pans on a nursery rhyme theme
  • Each post has tabs to click for more information - like reviews, product specifications and similar products.

Some pages, like tag and category pages display a listing with an excerpt from the page. Click the read more link, or the title of the excerpt (surrounded by an orange box), to read the full page.

What do you need to know before you buy mini muffin pans?

There are several information articles below to help you choose and buy mini muffin pans. The following  articles may help you make better informed choices when you buy mini muffin pans, or any muffin pans,  cake molds or baking pans for that matter. These articles explain the various features of different brands of muffin pans and what difference these  might make to your choice of which muffin pan to buy.