I started baking mini muffins when the kids were small, they were the ideal size for a quick snack for a toddler. When the children started school, mini muffins were a great snack for  "little lunch". Mini muffins are  quick to eat, leaving lots of time for play!

When I started to put on a bit too much weight, and my husband and I grew more conscious about eating healthy food, I found muffin recipes that used "good" oils rather than fat, used apple juice to sweeten the muffins and added fruit like blueberries in the mix. I made savoury muffins  and sometimes used vegetables such as pumpkin rather than flour.

But for special occasions I still make trays of light cake or brownie muffins with sweet tasty creamy toppings, mix in lashings of choc chips, and make them look special with sugar decorations on top.

Muffins are so versatile! They can be very healthy snacks or delicious sweet treats. Depending on your muffin pan, muffins can be big enough for men's lunchboxes or small enough to not feel too sinful if you sneak one when you are dieting.

Now there are special muffin pans, with all kinds of different shapes and it fascinated me to see the range that are now available. So I created this site.