What Size Do Muffin Pans Come In?

Muffin pan dimensions can mean three different things, the tray size, the cup size or the quantity. The cup size is the capacity of the indentations, called the cavity or cup, in the muffin tray. So size may refer to the quantity of muffins you can bake with a tray,  the size of the baked muffin itself, or the size of the tray, so you know if it will fit in the oven.

Muffin Quantity

When size refers to a quantity - or how many cups or cavities are on the tray, it tells you how many muffins each tray can bake. On this site, where there is a number in the title, the number refers to this quantity - exactly how many muffins you can make using the muffin pan.

Twelve cup pans are usual for standard sized muffins and mini muffin pans are often twenty four. All cup sizes from mini muffin to kingsize muffins may be baked in different tray quantities, depending on the range available from the supplier, manufacturer or brand.

  • 1 muffin cup - makes 1 muffin, usually singles are shaped molds
  • 1 silicone cup -  silicone cups can bake 1 muffin or be fridge molds
  • 6 muffin pan - makes 6 muffins, large are often 6
  • 9 muffin pan - usually 9 is used for mini loaf pans, as these cavities are longer and rectangular in shape
  • 12 muffin pan - make 12 mini, standard, jumbo or king size muffins
  • 24 muffin pan - may be standard or large, more often mini muffin
  • 48 muffin pan - usually mini muffin or commercial muffin pans
  • 50 muffin pan or more - large tray commercial muffin pans

Muffin Size

The capacity size that muffin pans come in, refers mostly to how large the cup or cavity is. These dimensions are generally called mini, muffin (standard), top (less depth), and large or jumbo (more depth).

Mini Muffin Pans

Mini muffin pans and top muffin pans are not deep, usually only 3/4 of an inch to an inch in depth. Mini muffins are not very wide, usually between 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Just enough for two or three bites.

Standard Muffin Pans

If the pan is just called a muffin pan, it will probably be in the normal or standard size range of  2 . 1/2 to 3. 1/2 inches wide at the top, tapering to an inch less than this at the bottom.

Jumbo Muffin Pans

Large is variously called  Jumbo, Texas and King size with different manufacturers making some deeper than others, or widening the taper at the bottom.  Dimensions are confusing on many products. For example the The Wilton King size (6 cup) says the cup is 3.25 inches deep but the tray dimension says it is only 3 inches in height, so possibly they mean the bottom cup width dimension is 3.25 inches. The top width dimension is the most constant between brands while the depth and bottom width dimension varies and should be checked on the details tab.

The actual cup capacity dimensions do vary by up to half an inch between manufacturers. I  have given some average dimensions below. These are only a rough guide, pans do differ,  and it's not easy to compare them.

Shows average size of muffin pan cup dimensions

Muffin Top Pans

Top pans are for those people who, like Elaine from Seinfeld, prefer the top "mushroom" crust of a muffin better than the cake like "stump" underneath it. So muffin top pans are as shallow as a mini muffin pan but as wide or wider than a standard normal muffin pan.

Tray Size

Don't get confused if dimensions are being given as 7 or 12 inches or more! These are usually the width or length of the tray itself, not the cup.

The size of the actual tray is very important for some chefs or cooks. It determines whether you can fit two or more trays side by side or, for commercial trays, whether a muffin pan will fit in your kitchen's oven at all.

Check the details tab for these types of specifications carefully, sometimes manufacturers list them and sometimes not, sometimes they are clear and accurate, sometimes they are confusing. Contact the manufacturer or visit their website and check, if these important dimensions are not listed and you are buying by mail and this could be an issue.